1 Program with Scott Schwefel

Scott Schwefel brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, starting in 1990 by founding Benchmark Computer Learning, which he grew to become Minnesota’s largest technology training company. Benchmark was named one of the fastest growing private companies in Minnesota in 1997 and 1998, and Scott was named to Minnesota’s 40 under 40 of successful top executives in the year 2001. From there, he founded Insights Twin Cities, to deliver the Insights Discovery System to businesses all over the world, and then sold his business to Insights Global in 2014. Today he owns and operates his own business, Discover Yourself, teaching and coaching CEOs and Senior Executives in Sales, Leadership and Team Performance.

Scott is also a highly rated keynote speaker. He has presented in Paris, London, Venice, Amsterdam, and Shanghai and throughout North America. His programs are entertaining, and provide simple but powerful tools for participants to better connect and adapt with each other immediately. He has personally trained over 1500 CEOs as a highly-rated Vistage speaker, the largest CEO membership organization in the world, and as a professional speaker, brings the magic of Insights Discovery to thousands around the world.

Scott is also a published author. He has written three books. “I Think I’ll Stand Up”, a self-help book detailing how others can achieve personal and career success. “GPS for Success”, a Global Positioning System for success that will help people define personal plans for success, with advice from a dozen experts. “Get a Job Fast” takes you through 8 simple steps, each of which are necessary to land your dream job, or start the company of your dreams.

In 1999, Scott lived with the Hadza and Maasai tribes for a month in Tanzania, Africa, adding to his global perspective. Today he blends his entrepreneurial spirit, his presentation skills and his desire to help other live to their full potential in every program he delivers. His business, Discover Yourself.com for Individuals, Teams and Leaders impacts lives and organizational performance globally every day. Scott currently resides in Excelsior, Minnesota with his wife Linda, and their three children, Kenzie, Connor and Scottie Nicole.


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