1 Program with Amanda Kaiser

Amanda Kaiser specializes in the qualitative member phone interview methodology. Using this methodology she is able to answer some of the biggest questions associations have. Is membership of value? How do we attract and engage younger members? How do we tell our value story more effectively? What new products and services should we be providing? How can we engage more members?

Formerly with Crayola and the National Association of Colleges and Employers Amanda has conducted all types of research and has settled on the less-used but uniquely insightful qualitative method. She has conducted over 252 member interviews (that’s 6 weeks of listening to members) and these results are used to develop association strategies, create innovation pipelines and build effective marketing plans. In addition, Amanda writes a frequent blog for association professionals at SmoothThePath.net.

What You Need To Know About Member Surveys

Published by Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives

Credit: ASAE

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