1 Program with L. Kay Wilson

L. Kay Wilson is an employment lawyer turned executive coach. Her specialty is working with leaders who have strong personalities, whom she refers to as mavericks. Kay Wilson is the founder of the Maverick Leadership Institute which is dedicated to teaching leaders with powerful personalities how to moderate their wattage so that their teams and peers feel empowered to speak up, participate and innovate. Kay served as federal attorney from 2001 to 2006 with the U.S. Postal Service where she distinguished herself as a training designer for workplace environment interventions. She delivered hundreds of hours of training on the topics of leadership, communication skills, litigation prevention and workplace environment improvement while at the Postal Service and received numerous awards. Currently, Kay has a national executive coaching practice working with executives in the transportation, insurance, financial services, retail and non-profit sectors. Kay may be reached at kay@kaywilsoncoaching.com .

Maverick in Your Midst: How to Deal Effectively

Published by Connecticut Society of Association Executives

Credit: ASAE

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